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Horse Website Templates
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for Equine Professionals

Book more clients you love - Fill transformative clinics - Create profitable online programs

Fast to Publish

Simple to Maintain

Beautiful & Professional

Strategic to Help You Sell

This is for you, if you experience this...

* The barn seems to be a time vortex...

So, by the time you come home, you're too tired to work on your seemingly daunting website project and you rely on referrals, making it impossible to generate a consistent income.

* You feel really uncomfortable writing things to sell yourself...

You have endless confidence around horses but when it comes to putting how you help into words, you have a hell of a time describing what you do. Talking about yourself is just so uncomfortable and overwhelming.

*You're frustrated with Wordpress sites or generic website templates...

When you finally get started with your website project, you get confused by all the options and choices and in the end,  (if you even press the publish button), your site still looks like, well, how you felt when you first learned how to post the trot...awkward! 

*Technology is more intimidating than the wildest horse in your care...

It's just plain painful to sit in front of the computer and feel this fog of overwhelm come up. 

With web services using too much tech language, your eyes glaze over, and frustrated, you slam the office door and soon you're off riding your horse again, procrastinating on your website project once again.

*Not knowing how it works and how to get started keeps you stuck...

Building or revamping your website always looms over you like a rocky ledge and you just can't find a way to scale it, so you don't -- and as a result, dreams of growing your equine business is going nowhere.

But You Know that A Website Done-Right Can Help You

Book More Clients You Love...

I Understand

Hi, I'm Christiane Witt, and for the last two decades, I've seen far too many horse professionals fall into the "Work-Hard-Hope-For-The-Best" trap.


No wonder. Everybody else around them follows the same broken philosophy of soulless 'brochure' sites.

Some of you are about to give up and get a 'real' job, because you just can't fill your roster. 


Some of you have too many clients, the WRONG clients, and you're heading towards burnout.

Yes, for a while, tired and stressed becomes some type of badge of honor, but you might already sense that this badge is not one to be proud of. 

If you are confused about how to book well-paying, fun to work with new clients, how to automate the enrollment process and free time up while generating more financial security, keep on reading.


I took all of my 17-year experience as a marketing consultant to international online coaches and my design expertise to create websites that make booking the perfect clients MUCH simpler and WAY more fun!

As a life-long rider, long-time trainer and mustang lover, I know the 'horse-first' industry inside-out, as a professional and a client. 

And, despite what the industry is showing you, it is possible to create a website that automates the booking of great clients and students.


A website that leverages your time, so you can deliver better value to more people, while loving your life with horses.


How To Get To 'Publish'



Buy 1 Of Our Equine-Themed Website Templates

Follow Our Step-By-Step Tech- And Marketing Instructions

Our websites come fully designed, with all the tools you need to never stare at a blank screen again

Make your template your own with a couple clicks and learn how to describe what you do in a powerful way


Click Publish & Step Out of 'Hope' Into Strategic Growth

Your strategically-designed website guides new visitors from strangers to committed, well-paying, loyal clients



Extreme Equine Website Makeover
equine website template published.png

Combining Horse Knowledge
With Modern Marketing

"Working with Christiane Witt has been all about putting theory into action, guided by someone with both an intimate knowledge of horses, the horse industries ( for they are multiple) and modern marketing.

I now have the confidence to continue the great work with a clear plan."

~ Lynn Jenkins - 

Lynn Jenkin.jpeg

"It is a rare thing to find someone who not only gets the modern business marketing strategies needed to navigate a very new market, but someone who has the sensitivities with people to communicate them kindly."

~ Lachlan Mitchell Phillips Horse Trainer


7 Ways Your Equine Website Puts A Stop To You Being A Secret

Get Found By New Clients


Verisign found that 88 percent of U.S. small businesses with a website agree that it’s made it easier for customers to find their business.


Today, customers are constantly searching on computers, tablets and smart phones.

A website enables them to find your company and learn about your business and what it offers at any time and from any place.

Build Trust On Autopilot


A website can be so much more than a brochure. It can and should be your most important marketing tool.

When a website is designed to sell or pre-sell your services, you increase the percentage of  visitors who become new clients for you.

You work hard to bring new visitors to your site. With a website-that-works you maximize your efforts!


Stand Out From The Competition

The recently published Verisign report shows that 93 percent of U.S. consumers use the Internet for research before making a purchase.


Consumers want to be informed about their purchasing decisions— what they buy and from whom they buy.

Without a website, you risk losing clients to other horse businesses with websites. 


A well-designed website can eliminate your competition.

Get Better-Paying Clients 


With a website that clearly defines who you serve best and how, you help the right clients to feel heard and understood and the wrong clients know that they should keep shopping. 

In addition, with a professionally-looking and sounding website, you establish yourself as an authority. Clients come to you, already understanding that, and will be much more likely to pay on time and to respect your wisdom.

Expand Your Reach Beyond Your Neighborhood


And, it’s not just about gaining new customers; you can use a website to better serve existing customers too.


The ability to update business information 24/7 on the Internet improves customer communication while freeing up time to focus on other business priorities.


And with branded emails, you can stay in closer contact with your existing clients.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts


While face-to-face interactions can be important and business often comes from word-of-mouth, a website gives you a chance to “pass your card out” to thousands online.


You might discover that customers in a neighboring city or state are interested in your services, leading to a larger service area.


In fact, 81 percent of U.S. small businesses say that a website has helped to grow their business. With a website, you can reach a greater number of potential customers and opportunities.


Serve Your Clients Better

You can build a brand presence for your business on social media, but you're restricted to their design and rules.


A website can help small businesses increase flexibility, control, branding and credibility.


Verisign found that 84% of U.S. consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page. To be credible and attract new customers, a website can make a difference.

"I highly recommend Christiane. Her carefully considered and generous work is invaluable. Her ability to explain marketing and business development in a way that is both understandable and workable within the constraints of a busy life is just brilliant."

~ Rachel Windchaser - Windchaser Ranch

Fix website freebie

It just got a whole lot harder to fail at getting more clients to book their services with you

Discover how to design a site,
so your website does the selling for you!
Get this 
Guide for Equine Pros
It’s 100% free...

Making A Good Consistent Income,
Helping Horses Can Be Simpler
Than You Think

If you deeply care about the wellbeing of horses...

If your soul calls you to usher in a new era, where horses are our true

partners and teachers...

If you often feel that those who promise blue ribbons and offer 30-day trainings get unjustified attention and money...

If you want to expand your income, influence and impact that you know it takes to help horses around the world, then let us help and guide you...


Making a difference while earning a great living takes some work.
But it IS possible and even fun, if you know how to make your website work hard for you, 24 hours/day. 


Let me show you.

Start with a website that sells your much-needed services for you and builds your email list so you can fill groups and clinics with ease! 

The trail starts here.

Christiane Witt

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