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Horse Trainers - Coaches - Instructors - Trimmers/Farriers - Equine Practitioners 

Equine Therapists - Saddle Fitters - Barn/Yard Owners

1:1 Private Coaching

Step-By-Step Guidance From A Business Coach Who Lives & Breathes Horses

Income You Can Count On


Impact On More Horses

Time To Restore

Are You Asking Yourself This...

  • How do I attract the right clients...the ones I can help most and who are happy to pay me?

  • How can I automate my 'selling' so that I can have time for my own horses?

  • How can I get over my fear of 'marketing' and create a simple strategy that fits in with barn work and frequent traveling?

  • How could my website better help me bring in new clients?

  • How can I charge more, so that I can peace of mind?

  • How can I more easily fill clinics?

  • How can I stop no-shows and cancellations?

  • How can I overcome confusion and fear around promoting myself?

  • How can I make the move from live teachings to online courses?

If these are questions that go through your mind, it's time to book a call with me and let's, together, create a plan that will put a stop to all the confusion and overwhelm you're feeling right now.

Then, if we both decide that we'd like to work together, I can help you reach your goal with my 90-day, 2x monthly coaching package.

How To Get Started


Book Your Appointment

Find a perfect time, mark the appointment in your calendar, and look out for your confirmation email with the link to our zoom call.


Fill Out The Questionnaire 

This will help me and you to pin down your exact needs and goals very quickly. 
You'll be amazed how much this alone will help you.


Add Our Meeting Into Your Calendar

If you can, test your Zoom link (I'll send it to you in an email) and the link to our appointment, so we can start right on time.

How Is Coaching With Me Different?

Yes, I've worked in the world of marketing, technology and online course-creation since 2004!

Yes, I've worked with and for some of the 'biggest' names in marketing and online business...and yes, there was a time when I've participated in outrageously successful 7-figure-course launches...BUT...

I am no longer the person who seeks this 'overnight' success...Today I know that it takes strategy, a plan and consistent action to build a fulfilling business. 

And I know from personal experience that making money helping horses, IS NOT easy. 

In addition, my husband Brad has many years of experience working as a training manager, an executive-level manager, a crisis interventionist and as a mediator.

He has worked as a consultant in both for-profit and nonprofit businesses. And through his web-based business, his grant writing alone, helped nonprofit clients raise millions of dollars for a variety of worthy causes like providing art-related therapy for homeless children, dogs for people with disabilities, and direct services for blind and deaf children, among many others.


Not only does he leverage some of these skills by supporting my work with HorseBizSuccess as my ‘behind-the-scenes’ partner, he has also worked alongside me with our mustangs—including gentling and training his own mustang.


Bringing him from the wilds of southeast Oregon to the not-so-wild trekking trails of our German forests.

So, it's no wonder that we both love the underdog!

We believe in you, the caring equine service-provider, who above all, wants to help horses and those who love them.

And we LOVE those horses right alongside you!

We want you to feel the peace of mind that only consistent, good income provides.

We WANT you to beat the odds and create a business that impacts horses, makes you proud and gives you time for yourself and your horses!

Brad's Mustang_edited.jpg

My Proven Process


Find, engage and nurture relationships with potential clients who love what you do


Simplify Marketing With A Stunning Website That Succinctly Describes What You Do

Your Website

Stand Out with

Enroll Ideal Clients With Automated Email Series That Work For You 24 Hours/Day

Book Clients With

Email Series

Build Your 

Ideal Client 'Herd'


Create Transformative Group Offers That You Can Fill With Ease Thanks To Your Engaged Email List

Create & Fill  

 Irresistible Events 


Create online courses based on your best-selling clinics and learn to launch them successfully

Market & Sell

Online Courses

Let's Create A Simple, Clear Plan

Want to make an appointment and explore your questions together?
Ready to get rid of that painful feeling of overwhelm?

Let's get together over Zoom!

Yes, even from across oceans and worlds apart!

If, at the end of our strategy and planning meeting, we both decide to continue working together, I'm available to support you in reaching your goals through 2x monthly 50-minute 1:1 sessions, with, of course, email support as needed.

In addition, I'll provide you with all the 'trail maps' you need to acquire the skills you need to continue growing your business way beyond our time together.

After 90 days, we'll meet and find out if a new set of 3-month goals is the right next move for you.

Sounds good?

Then book your free 55-minute exploratory session below and let's create a plan together!

Here Is What Monica Had To Say About A Recent Experience With Me:

What Happens During Our Free Exploratory Call?


Frustration occurs when we can't see the forest for the tree.

Through just the right questions, you'll find out what 'domino' we can tip to achieve the quickest growth in your business.

We Discover Your Quickest
Path to More Great Clients


When you see the 'trail' in front of you, fear and confusion lifts instantly. 

Procrastination is no longer an obstacle in your way, when you know what actions to take.

We Create a Plan That
Matches Your Goals


You'll Leave With Clarity, Concrete Steps To Take

And if we both feel that we could make a great team, we can decide to team up for the next 90 days.

So I can guide you through the 'forest', over the 'obstacles' to a new sense of confidence and more clients.

Book Your Free Session Now

Consistent Progress & Clarity

"Christiane has been working with me for two months and I can't believe how much progress I've made.

For the first time ever I have a marketing plan for the year, and it feels great, achievable and profitable. I'm posting regularly on FB.

I have so much clarity about who I'm wanting to help, and the best way to use my skills to do that, thanks to Christiane's great questions and suggestions.

I can't thank her enough for believing in me and going above and beyond to help me reach my potential."


- Trish Hyatt - WE Simplified


I've learned so much from Christiane, in a very short time. I have so much more awareness about what I post on social media, how I'm posting it and who I'm talking to. 

I've asked Christiane to coach me 1:1 now and her coaching sessions are amazing!

- Carola Colson Van T Hof

Carola Calson.jpeg
Christiane Witt equine websites.png

If you deeply care about the wellbeing of horses...

If your soul calls you to usher in a new era, where horses are our true partners and teachers...

If you often feel that those who promise blue ribbons and offer 30-day trainings get unjustified attention and money...

If you want to expand your income, influence and impact that you know it takes to help horses around the world, then let us help and guide you...


Making a difference while earning a great living takes some work.
But it IS possible and even fun, if you know the way. 


Let me show you.

The trail starts here.


17 Years Experience In
The Online World

Lifelong Student
Of The Horse



Refund Guarantee:
If you're not happy with our collaboration within the first 15 days of our work together, I'll be happy to refund you! No questions asked!

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