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Booking More Clients You Love Shouldn't Be THIS Hard

With our stunning, effective website templates,  instructions on describing the value of what you offer and strategic, effective, affordable coaching, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

The day  I felt like selling fish was the only way to make money...


It was Sunday morning and I saw the ad in our local paper.

‘Sales help for our fish market needed!'

And I thought, “Oh yes, I could do THAT and be free of self-doubt, of risk, of having to self-manage my time, of being responsible for my actions. How nice to just go to work, show up and take orders...”

Okay...whenever I tell this story to my clients, they shake their heads...

“What was she thinking? She has SOOOO much experience with online marketing and horses. What???”

I really didn't want to promote myself

You see, most of my career, I’d been very successful working within larger online companies. When I began to have to market my OWN work, well, that felt so much harder.

I did no longer know who I was to serve, with what and how.

I doubted that I had ANYTHING to offer.

And even when there were glimpses of clarity, I still couldn’t put it into words.

After months of working on website copy, I would give up, feel like a complete failure and stop the subscription to the website service of choice.

Yes, they seem to make it so simple, they provide a ton of generic templates, but they didn't tell me the why and how of website creation. All they did was giving me too many choices. 

What looked like a fun project at first, had me stumped in no time. Too many random options, too much advice, too much negative self-talk.

I was stuck in the awful cycle of yo-yoing from hyperactivity to staring at the screen (or closing my office door and heading to the barn ;-)).

Just like many of my clients, when confusion, self-doubt and the dreaded foggy brain sets in, all of a sudden, well, the job in the store next door sounds like the simple way out.

Overwhelm hurts...

But, like you, I have so many talents.

I've got over a decade of online product launch experience, I have studied design in Paris (yup, I know...not my calling, but still....), I'm a published author, I love helping, and yes, I AM ORGANIZED when I’m not overwhelmed.

And so are you!

Maybe you and I have not yet met, but I have so many clients just like you, brilliant horse trainers or equine service providers, born to help horses and their humans.

And filled with the dreaded fog of overwhelm, too many choices, and conflicting advice.

So, what if there was a source where you can find help for booking new clients you love?

What if it was presented in a way that takes the overwhelm out of the process, has templates that simplify the process and help from someone who knows and loves horses?

Because that’s what ended up being my passion, my path, my calling…

Once I threw the paper with the want ad away and sat down, collected all I was in effect good at, and trusted that what I knew was enough to make YOU love your life with horses!

But this isn't about me!

No really...this is about you!

You who is brilliant, talented, called to horses from some mysterious Source!

You, who gets tired from all the hard work, from overwhelm, confusion and self-doubt!

You, who the horses all over the world are waiting for, counting on, to help them with lives worth living.

And if...if I can do my part to help you help horses, then please let me live out MY calling.

Whether you want website templates and web copy that help you book new clients you love, or you want to launch your next online course, or just want to find a couple more clients…

I’m here for you!

Reach out, book a free call, and let’s get the fog to clear and create a plan together!

Let's Simplify Your Client-Getting Process

No more sifting through confusing and conflicting marketing advice, through information that often doesn't apply at all to the equine industry.


My straightforward process makes booking more clients you love simple and saves you hours of work in front of the computer.



Simplify Marketing With A Stunning Website That Succinctly Describes What You Do

Gone are the days of websites that serve as brochures. Your time is precious and what time you spent promoting your site, should bring new clients you love. 

Such a website needs to meet 3 needs:

1 - Professional quality that creates instant trust and positions you as a guide that helps others find solutions

2 - Clear description of your ideal clients' problems and dreams and how you are the best solution for them

3 - Strategic layout that transforms the casual visitor into a loyal customer 

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 14.23.23.png


Enroll Ideal Clients With Automated Email Series That Work For You 24 Hours/Day

The screenshot on the left shows the customer management system right within WIX.


I teach you how to write a series of powerful emails once and then set them up to go out automatically, every time you get a new subscriber. 

Each time now that a visitor leaves an email address, these effective email series sell your services for you, 24 hours a day!

Saving you time, and freeing you from the 'hoping' that someone hires you!

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 14.46.23.png


Fill Group Programs On Demand With Your Ever-growing Email List

When you combine your efforts to bring visitors to your site with the power of a website that represents YOU and that is designed to transform the casual visitor into a fan, you shift everything about your business.  

Once you add the power of automated selling via email series, and build a well-organized email list through free resources, you now can literally write ONE email and fill your clinics, workshops and groups!

And that is freedom!

Freedom from exchanging hours for money!

Now all that is left is for you to create memorable events that are WAY beyond the industry standard of regular old clinics.

Carola workshop.jpeg

(Image credit: Carola Carlson T Hof)

How do you get started?

It all starts by purchasing a website template that not only makes you proud but that also helps you answer the toughest questions about what your clients want, who your ideal client is, and most importantly how you can keep your clients coming back for more. 

Our website template packages include all the easy-to-follow video instructions and workbooks you need to accomplish this.

After you're 100% clear about who you serve, with what and how, it's time to create a system that brings a steady stream of visitors to your site. 

From there you learn how to enroll new clients with powerful automated email series.

Through my online training or through our private coaching sessions, you'll master these 3 main skills!






Fighting the Naysayers

When you're secretly wondering if they aren't right after all. That's so discouraging.

You're Not Making the Impact You Want

That makes sleeping peacefully hard, when you know that so many horses are waiting for you.

No Time for Self & Your Horses

This crushes your soul. Your horses are your therapy and without them, you burn out way too fast.

Working Too Hard...

...For too little money. That wears even the most devoted horse pro out.


Work ON Your Business

Even if it's just an hour a day. If you set that time aside to go about building your business strategically, your life will change.

Prove them Wrong

Take action, the right actions, like following my proven process and you no longer have to fight them, you show them!

Deliver a Better Service to More People & Their Horses

Once you have a website that tells the world who you are and what you do in a simple, easy-to-understand way, you're confidence will skyrocket.

Automation & Systems

With simple, free automation tricks, your system will sell for you, even as you restore your inner peace by spending time your own horses.

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