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How To Create A  
Stunning, Clean & Effective EQUINE Website 
That Helps You Book More Clients You Love

Without starting from scratch, having to rework a generic template, or hiring an expensive designer.

Confused about what to put on your Homepage? 

Tired of rewriting your About page? 

Sweating over your Services page? 

Unhobble yourself from website-creation-freeze! 

Discover how to layout a site & describe what you do,
so your website does the selling for you!

Get this 

EXTREME WEBSITE MAKEOVER Web-based Guide for Equine Pros

It’s 100% free...


Let Your Website Attract New Clients You Love Working With

Discover the mistakes most people make when designing their websites.


Learn how to avoid those mistakes with 2 simple tricks!

Yes, you too can design stunning sites!


Most websites contain way too much writing. People don't actually read, they skim.

Learn how to describe what you do for who with a few powerful words.

And no, you don't need to be a copywriter.


Most sites are mere, boring brochures.

Today's websites can be your selling tool, transforming a casual visitor into your next ideal client.

Learn the simple strategy to implement instantly and make your site sell FOR you. 


What You'll Learn

1 - The ultimate step-by-step guide to beat website-design-overwhelm for good

This guide will not only replace the need for a designer but empower YOU to create a website that sells for you 24 hours/day.


2 - Why your current website (or not having a website) robs you of  financial peace-of-mind 

A vast majority of websites are just digital 'noise', where the horse pro has to rely on 'Hope Marketing'. You will learn how to break free from that with 5 simple fixes for your site.


3 - The keys to a website that is clear, concise and moves visitors into contacting you

Learn how to combine design, great 'wordsmithing' and strategy to make your site work hard for you all day long.

4 - All horse pros know that they need a website - but here is what you haven't been told about website design's not about the design. It's about how well you can solve someone's problem. 
After following the step-by-step instructions, you'll be able talk to your clients' hearts.


5- Warning: you'll want to throw out half of the elements of your current site. Yes, even if you've used a so-called template
Find out how to make educated choices about the elements that need to be on every equine website to help you book more clients.


6- How to capture the attention of even the most skeptical of readers 

Break free from website copy that is all about YOU and shift it successfully to THEM,

Follow this one simple exercise and your website will become a client magnet!


And Much Much More


based on proven strategies used by businesses with a MUCH larger testing budgets than yours.

Tested Web Design Principles That Work

How to Create a Memorable 

“What do you do?” Statement

5 Powerful Webmarketing
24 Proven Equine-Specific Freebie Ideas
Content Checklists For All Your Essential Pages

No more ‘translating’ generic templates and marketing advice by people who don’t know the difference between a cantle or a pommel.


Hi, I'm Christiane Witt and with this guide, I combine my lifelong love for horses, and my decades of experience in design, copywriting and online marketing to help horse professionals like you book more clients you love!

And once you understand the principles behind successful, hard-working websites, you’ll be able to make the changes on your own site and check off each step as you go. 


What makes this guide so unique is the fact that it’s created for horse pros, with equine-specific prompts and case studies. 

Christiane Witt - founder Horse Biz Success

Because website design can be such a daunting process, and can get overwhelming so quickly, this guide will keep you focused and efficient, so that you’ll be out the door and back in the saddle in no time. 


If you have not yet started on a website or want to start fresh, this is the perfect place to start. 

The guide will give you all the tools you need.

With the guide and the inspirational examples you'll be excited to add elements and words that create beautiful, simple, clear and to-the-point webpages.


After you've gone through each of your pages with the help of the EXTREME WEBSITE MAKEOVER Guide, inspired by the case studies and examples, you'll confidently send people to your site, knowing it represents the best of you.

 Websites should educate, build trust and create a desire in the visitor to work with you! 

Does yours?

You’ll be able to focus on all the horses in your care, knowing that your website is designed for new visitors to email you, call or message you, ready work with you.


You will proudly stand behind your prices, sure of the value you bring to your clients. And new clients, the right clients will see you as the professional you are. 

No more undercharging and overdelivering. 
Confident and secure in your craft, with new interested clients, you will feel perfectly comfortable charging more than enough to take great care of your family and your horses.

What Others Are Saying...

"I’ve learned so much from Christiane, in a very short time already. I have so much more awareness about what I post on social media, how I’m posting it and who I’m ‘talking’ to.

"I highly recommend Christiane. Her carefully considered and generous work is invaluable. Her ability to explain marketing and business development in a way that is both understandable and workable within the constraints of a busy life is just brilliant."

~ Rachel Windchaser - Windchaser Ranch


"Working with Christiane Witt has been all about putting theory into action, guided by someone with both an intimate knowledge of horses, the horse industries (for they are multiple) and modern marketing.

I now have the confidence to continue the great work with a clear plan."

~ Lynn Jenkins - 

Lynn Jenkin.jpeg

"It is a rare thing to find someone who not only gets the modern business marketing strategies needed to navigate a very new market, but someone who has the sensitivities with people to communicate them kindly."

~ Lachlan Mitchell Phillips Horse Trainer


Get your EXTREME WEBSITE MAKEOVER Guide for Equine Pros
It’s 100% free...


Follow along, take bite-size action and learn along the way. 


Feel your confidence rise as you fix your site or push ‘Publish’ on a brand new site that helps you book new clients you love...24 hours a day!


Get Instant Access to Your Free Guide now... 

...and tame your web design overwhelm today, whether you modify your existing site or want to start new.

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