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A Free Horse-Pro-Friendly Guide That Will Guide You Step-By-Step To Organizing Your Client Email Addresses...In Less Than 1 Hour

Making It Simple To Fill Your Services, Clinics & Courses

*Do You Still Email Your Contacts Through Your Private Email Account?
*Has Your Business Growth Outpaced Your Ability To Stay Organized?
*Do You Know That You SHOULD Get Your Emails In Order, But Never Do It?
*Do You Want To Start Building Your Email List But You're Not Sure Where To Start?


Then This Guide Is Perfect For You!
What You'll Learn:

1. How set up a system that manages all your contact emails with ease

2. How to import all your existing email addresses with one click

3. How to place all your contact email addresses into organized lists

4. How to re-engage with your contacts, even if you've not been in touch for a while

5. How to transform your contacts into loyal clients

About Your Teacher:

Over the last 17 years, Christiane Witt has seen countless businesses succeed AND fail. As an online business manager she’s seen 7-figure businesses implode because of their disorganization, in particular as it comes to email address management.

She’s also seen what kind of business success is possible when simple systems support committed advocates of a cause.

Sadly though, she’s seen that even the ‘big’ names in the horse industry limit the influence they COULD have over horses all over the world, IF they embraced technology and automation as much as they love sharing space with horses.

Combining her knowledge of online business-building, her expertise with online tools and her deep understanding of the heart-centered horse industry, she launched Horse Biz Success for Heart-Centered Horse Pros.

With this PDF, Christiane starts you on your journey to mastering online technology, (yes, even if you’d rather muck out than type), and gives you the peace of mind of a well-organized contact system. You'll leave with the confidence to create new and renewed clients with one simple email.

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