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The biggest lie about equine online course success

It’s almost 17 years to the day that I made the transition from running my hippotherapy practice to becoming a certified life coach. Looking back, it’s been both fantastic AND darn hard.

Yes, the years of personal growth, the time with horses, the endless hours learning about and executing online marketing principles… …it ALL made me the person I am today.

All good…but the price was a steep one.

Because NOBODY tells you how much work goes into running a successful coaching and course business. NOBODY! Ok, now somebody did ;-)

But really, who talks about the skills and prerequisites needed to truly make an impact on the world and also be financially safe? Because of the lockdowns over the last year, this desire to go online and teach has taken on HUGE dimensions.

Don’t get me wrong. I love that. I believe that it IS possible to help so many more riders and their horses through online courses.

BUT, the learning curve is steep.

OR better, it feels this way, IF one thinks that success is right around the corner. That the first try at building and selling a course SHOULD result in financial freedom.

But we horse people do know better, right?

When we first back a horse, aren’t we happy with a single step? Or even with a few steps backward, as one of my clients suggested this morning?

Yes, of course.

Because we know that that single awkward step, even backward, IS the first of million steps we take together in the future. And we know what follows that first step are a few incredibly wobbly steps.

We also know that progress is not necessarily linear. Some days we are on cloud 9, and some, well, we eat dirt.

We also know that patience, discipline, boredom, self-awareness, reflection, courage, stick-to-itness, and so much more goes into developing this partnership we all crave.

And so it is with creating an equine online business. And anybody who says different DOES tell a lie. And many do.

These coaches or software developers make it sound like it’s child’s play. It’s NOT! Nor is horsemanship.

While it can be fun, joyful, and done with ease, it’s NOT child’s play. The rewards are as rewarding (to me at least) as training my horses.

Yes, building an online business can get you into those flow stages we want to experience with our horses.

When an email writes itself (as this one). When an idea for a great title comes in the middle of the night. When your freebie attracts over 1,000 participants. When your course fills and you start a waiting list.

So, my point...Don’t believe the hype.

*Build your ‘herd’ of ideal clients first. *Then create a website that sells and learn to write copy. *Then master email marketing (it’s not that hard). *Then run clinics or teach your content in person.

*THEN build your course, and you WILL be successful, both financially and by impacting many more horses!


What do you think? Want to talk to me about your online course dream? No problem.

Book your free hour strategy call with me today and let's get started!

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