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Simple 5-Step Short-Cut To
Writing Client-Getting SM Posts 

Stop making the mistake of writing or filming countless how-to posts
(they are ineffective) and learn to write content that shifts a false
belief in your audience.

This way, instead of giving them one free tip after the other (and burning yourself out on the way), you’re giving them a new perspective, you give them new hope.

You’re transforming the way they see something, the way they feel about it...and that makes them experience you as
the authority they can trust!


If despite all this, you tend to regularly 'ghost' your social media fans, then read on...

Now image that you could get into a daily 30-minute habit of becoming more visible, of creating powerful SM content and of confidently asking for a sale!

How different would your business, your confident and your bank account be different?


Now also image, you'd be surrounded and supported by like-minded, compassionate horse professionals. There to help you, hold you to the fire, lift you back up into the 'saddle' when you slipped!

And image the extra time you'd have if you only spend 30 highly effective minutes building your business and for the rest of the day, feel at peace that you can trust the process? That you and your horses and your bank account will be ok?


Yes, you can have create this powerful habit...

Which is why I'm launching the next  30-day Ideal Client 'Herd'-Builder Challenge, starting October 11th, where you get:
1. The Training

2. The Support
3. The Accountability

move your equine business forward on a daily basis!

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 16.55.27.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 16.56.33.png

And this is what Kim said about a different challenge I recently ran...

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 15.22.14.png
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