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Transform Your Visitors Into Ideal Client 'Herd' Members

Wix Website Templates + Training...


...for Equine Trainers, Therapists, Service Providers, Barn Owners

Isn't it time for your website to clearly represent what you do best...AND does the selling FOR you?

...without wasting countless hours & thousands of dollars. No design skills or coding knowledge required.

The Solution


Wix is used by over 100 million people across 190 different countries.


It's an affordable, easy and hassle-free way of learning how to create your own website in a matter of less than an hour.

The Most Fun You'll
Ever Have


Designed For

Equine Pros

Especially designed for equine professionals who want to book more clients they love and build an ever-growing email list, so they can fill their programs with a single email.


Easy To Create With Step-By Step Support

Tech help from a horse training professional who trained as a designer in Paris, and who turned author for the love of finding the right words.

Yes, you're  100% supported 

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I Really heard you...

Here are the top issues that I hear all the time from my clients:


I don't know how to create a layout that attracts clients I'd love working with


I don't know how to capture visitors email addresses and even if I did, I don't know what to do with them


I don't know how to describe what I do, how and for who


I'm overwhelmed by the tech aspect of it, and templates when a platform gives me templates, I get completely confused by them


I send people to my site but nobody is taking action.  

I get you. In the past I struggled with that too, especially when all the templates out there are designed for urban, elegant coaches, or stoggy, boring brick-and-mortar businesses. 

It wasn't until I broke free and designed my own equine training site, that I realized how easy it can really be. 

When I trusted my heart, combined my marketing expertise, design background, my horse training and ownership experience, that the MAGIC began.

I've designed these templates that are not only beautiful, but strategic and functional, so that they create trust, show off your true deep wisdom and help you to both book new clients you love.


AND help you build an email list that allows you to grow a modern equine business, based on groups, clinics and online courses!


So...This Is What Is Included In Each Website Template Package 


Drag and drop home page that includes all the info a potential client needs to become a client

  1. The Header

  2. The Success Outcomes

  3. The Frustrations

  4. The Solution

  5. The ‘Herd’ Leader

  6. The Process 

  7. The Story

  8. The Trail

  9. The Testimonials

And no worries, included is a step-by-step How-To training to help you find the perfect words for each of those sections


9 - Point Homepage That Sells

8 - Page Complete Website

  • Home 
  • About Us
  • How We Serve
  • Contact
  • Freebie Landing Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Blog Archive
  • Single Blog Page
  • Booking Page
  • Event Page
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 Landing Page - Stridesdesign1 .png
How We Help - Stridesdesign1 -200.png
Book Online - Stridesdesign1 .png

Extreme Website Makeover

Video Training

This is the course that will free you from the dread of talking about yourself on your website.

In this course you'll learn the secrets to creating copy that positions you as THE trusted 'herd' leader of your community.

You'll discover the what, who and why of your equine business and how to explain it in simple, easy-to-understand words!

Extreme Makeover Course.png

'Launch Your Template' Training

Learn how to:

  • Change your images

  • Adjust the size and color of font

  • Re-adjust all the sections on your site

  • Create blog posts that grow your email list

  • Send emails right from your website

  • Add your services and get paid online

  • Automate your booking, even at different barns

  • Set up clinics and events and let your site manage everything else


Watch below how I show you step-by-step how to make your template come alive!

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Tools to make your site uniquely yours

Get Inspired By The Copy & Design From 6 Other Websites 

 3 Brand Boards To

Inspire The Feel Of Your Site

Inspiring websites.png


How to optimize your local google listing to attract the perfect client to your site

How to use facebook to bring new potential clients to your site in under 30 minutes a day

How To Get Started


Choose Your Level Of Service 

You can choose between the DIY package, get my help with a review or we can do it all together.



Choose Your Favorite Design

Click Publish & Get Appreciated For Your Services

You can choose between various templates to fit your personality and service. 

These websites make it easy for the visitor to trust you and take action towards become a new, well-paying, fun-to-work-with client

Service Options

Features You'll Fall In Love With


Design you can be proud of, but more importantly guides a visitor all the way to becoming a paying member of your 'herd'


You can change EVERYTHING, even though you don't have to change ANYTHING


Simple step-by-step tech training that first creates a sigh of relief and then a smile of joy...and no, NO coding EVER


Simple copy-writing help and worksheets (let's call them playsheets), that will help you clarify who you serve, with what and how


Simple SEO features, so you can be found online by your ideal clients


Host and showcase your clinics online, sell tickets and collect RSVPs right within WIX. Manage events on-the-go and check in guests with the Wix mobile app


Feel safe on a platform that is now trusted by over 180,000,000 (that's MILLION) people


You can change the mobile version of your site with simple tricks, so that your horse-loving visitors have a great experience discovering you on their phones


WIX, the platform these templates are built on, have all the tools you need to grow your business, all integrated


Automate your appointment bookings, add a store for your cool tack and t-shirts, blog to's all at your finger tips


Use the integrated email marketing tool to stay in touch, convert a visitor to a new client or wow with your customer experience.


DIY Option:

Coaching Option:

Feedback Option:

If working with me intensively is not the budget,
BUT, you'd like to know I got your back, just in case. 

Then this option is perfect for you. 

Once you're done with your site and you filled in your descriptions based on my course, you'll submit your site to me for review. 

(There is a special button on your WIX dashboard just for that purpose.)

I'll review your site, taking a good hour to make sure your site looks and sounds great. 

You then click PUBLISH!

This DIY Website template package is perfect for you, if you got a little time to dive into your messaging (who you serve, with what and how) with the help of my video tutorials.

If you're just a little curious, you can figure this plug and play website-building out in no time.

Then you are who I designed this super reasonably-priced package for. 

It contains everything for the Do-It-Yourselfer to create a professional equine brand and a website that does the selling for you.

If you're still daunted by the idea of doing it yourself, then a 6-hour Intensive with me might just be the perfect solution.

Together we get your brand right, your message concise and your website designed.

We'll meet for 3 2-hour Zoom Intensive sessions. 

You'll leave with clarity about what you do, to who and how. 

Together, we add what we discovered into your website template, so that you can start transforming casual visitors into paying clients you love.



1-Hour Review



Design Options

Are you limiting yourself, your business and the impact you could have on horses?
Isn't it time to rise to the impact, influence and income you could have?


* You wake up and see requests to chat with you in your inbox

* Visitors book their first service with you online and it just shows up in your calendar

* Repeat clients book themselves at the different locations where you teach

* You feel completely confident when sending people to your site

* You know exactly what you do for who and how 

* You send an email out and your Friday evening workshop is booked

* You get invited to hold a clinic at a barn you've never heard about

* Your higher prices are accepted without question thanks to your professional brand


Refund Policy


We want you to succeed.

We want you to help more horses and their humans.

That means that you have 30 days to try our courses, templates and WIX out. 

If you don't like it, you find it too hard or you're not happy with how we teach, no problem. 

Just send us an email and without any questions asked, we'll refund your investment. 

Of course, you have lifetime access to the course material!

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